Christian Behr

Senior Art Director

Haitian-loving supporter of the 'other'.

Christian once flew all the way from Haiti to Anchorage smelling like a shish kabob after a grueling 6 hour Voodoo ceremony. We didn’t hold it against him though—instead we grabbed the carrots, celery and peppers.

Amanda Combs

Account Executive

Amanda is a Jill of all trades, and a master of some. She can help you build the perfect sandwich, Twitter strategy or marketing plan. Special orders are not only accepted, they are encouraged.

Chris Munroe

Owner/Vice President of Business Development

Celebrity kid’s show host turned NWS company cheerleader. Chris never fails to deliver hearty laughs, big smiles and killer strategy. He keeps our type A’s in check.

Kristina Woolston

She's more than the boss' wife, she actually owns this joint. DC, Hawaii, Cuba, Naknek...Mrs. Woolston is a networking machine with an office in first-class at 30,000 feet. Thank goodness for GoGo!

Saba Adley

Director of Media

A.k.a. “Blonde Ambition.” This ice queen strategically plans, negotiates and implements media campaigns across Alaska while always keeping apprised of media trends, changes and opportunities. <Sigh>

Suki Miller

Media Assistant

Crunching numbers, plucking strings and sliding down slopes sounds like a lot—especially if that's just what you do in your "off time." But Suki never backs down from a challenge. As the NWS media assistant she'll take on just about anything "Blonde Ambition" throws at her.

Shawn McCalip

Digital Production Manager/Video Editor

We’re not so sure about Shawn. He’s way too nice and humble for a video editor. We’re convinced his inner Aretha Franklin is going to bust out at some point. Until that golden voice wails we are content to hear about modeling with NURBS, the origin of CMYK and vector art.

Stephanie Johnson

Graphic Designer

Stephanie’s penchant for anime, sushi and small furry animals is just about the sweetest thing around. That is, until you see her work.

Tim Woolston


Tim assembles the finest, coolest team of advertising and public relations professionals in Alaska to manage the communications needs of our awesome clients. Wink, wink.

Tiffany Tutiakoff


Busy balancing the extinction of big tobacco on one hand and managing client services on the other. Sounds tough, but Tiffany’s a Libra…she does it all without breaking a sweat or her stilettos.

Raquel Ranger

Junior Account Executive

Note to prospective clients: Beware of agencies without superheroes. With a laptop attached to her hip and a red pen in each hand, NWS crime fighter Raquel Ranger, a.k.a. Rocky, is at the ready to support.

Kristi Kordewick

Office Manager and Human Resource Administrator

Pencil? Check. Stickie notes? Check. Three-ring binder? Check. Kristi is like our office fairy godmother—magically serving up all you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.

The NWS team of marketing and media professionals is unmatched in Alaska, coming to the table with well over 100 years of experience.

Our approach? We design a custom account team with the right depth and breadth to meet your specific needs, invest in a thorough process to understand your objectives, and work diligently to deliver the best product and service on point, on time and on budget.

Just look to the right to get to know some of the smartest, most hardworking folks in the industry. Interested in official resumes? Email us and let’s talk business.